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Soaps are approximately 3 oz. unless otherwise noted.

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leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Fuzzy Peach - $4.50 Buy Now
Yum, yum. With this soap you can almost taste the fresh peach and feel the juice running down your chin! Contains saponified olive, palm, coconut, sweet almond and castor oils, a pinch of silk to add luxury to those bubbles and a blend of peach fragrance oils. The perfect summer soap!

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Ginger Lime - $4.50 Buy Now
This bar is just loaded with good things for your nose & skin--starting with the fragrance--nice and clean and tangy. Contains saponified olive, coconut and palm oils, cocoa and shea butters, castor oil, beeswax and fragrance.

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Summer Luvin' (Patchouli) - $4.50 Buy Now
Remind you of the good old days?! In addition to smelling good, patchouli essential oil has been found to help tighten the pores and combat oily skin. Contains saponified olive, coconut, palm and castor oils and for extra moisturizing, shea butter and deodorized cocoa butter were added. A little bit of beeswax hardens the bar and patchouli essential oil is added to send you on your way to those good old days.

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leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Castile - $4.50 Buy Now
This is the most gentle soap you'll find. It's made from 100% olive oil. No fragrance has been added. Good for all skin types, especially senstive skin. Safe enough to use even on baby's soft skin. This is one of the hardest bars of soap you'll find. It must be kept from sitting in water after use or it'll get very soft and slippery.

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Cucumber-Melon Soap - $4.50 Buy Now
You've been asking for it...here it is: a perfect match (everyone says)for the scent you find in that big bath & toiletries store. Swirled with green oxide and natural peach coloring, this soap just flies off our table at craft shows. Contains saponified olive, palm, coconut and castor oils, fragrance and coloring.

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Freesia Soap - $4.50 Buy Now
The perfect floral soap, gently fragrant but not overpoweringly sweet. The silky feel in this soap is from the silk fibers that were added when it was made. Ingredients are saponified coconut, olive, palm and soybean oils with freesia fragrance.

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Gorgeous Gardenia Soap - $4.50 Buy Now
Our gardenia soap combines the silky feel of a beautiful gardenia with the intoxicating scent of the freshest bud. Ingredients are saponified coconut, olive, palm and soybean oils with gardenia fragrance. To add that silky texture, real silk fibers were included when the soap was made.

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Grandma's Lilac Garden - $4.50 Buy Now
lilacgdn.jpg (63113 bytes) lilcsngl.jpg (4641 bytes) Remember how your grandma’s spring lilacs used to smell? This soap will bring all that back. Contains saponified cocounut, olive, palm, and soybean oils with silk fibers, fresh lilac scent and green coloring. If you can’t wait for spring, this soap is the next best thing.

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leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Honeysuckle - $4.50 Buy Now
Think early summer, early evening, the intoxicating fragrance of honeysuckle comes in the open window. Yum! Gently swirled white & yellow, this soap contains saponified olive, palm, coconut, sunflower and castor as well as our favorite moisturizing shea butter, fraqrance and yellow coloring.

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Jazzy Jasmine - $4.50 Buy Now
jazzy2.jpg (42935 bytes) jaznolbl.jpg (6000 bytes)
We start with our original soap recipe (saponified coconut, olive, palm and hydrogenated soybean oil). We then add the sweet scent of jasmine fragrance oil and “jazz” it up with our special vanilla scented fragrance oil for a soap that will make you want to get up and dance. Beautifully marbled coloring.

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The tangy clean smell of fresh cut lemons and the rich foamy lather make this soap one of our all-time favorites. To a foundation of coconut oil, olive oil and vegetable shortening, we add lemongrass oil, sweet almond oil and lavender essential oil to create a soap you'll want to use every day.

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leafbut.gif (2533 bytes)Lily of the Valley - $4.50 Buy Now
A gentle spring flower, this soap is our original pure soap recipe lightly scented with the fragrant lily of the valley. Remember finding a patch of them and gathering them for your mom? Take her some of this soap and remind her of those days, too.

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leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Luscious Lavender - $4.50 Buy Now
laven.jpg (5409 bytes)
The sweetly floral scent of two varieties of lavender essential and fragrance oils blended with saponified coconut, olive, palm and hydrogenated soybean oils relaxes and soothes even as it provides a wonderful lather. Swirl of lavender coloring as well.

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leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Oatmeal Honey - $4.50 Buy Now
What a smell! This soap smells like warm, gooey oatmeal cookies--scrumptious. But don’t eat it!! Made with saponified olive, coconut and palm oils, and for extra moisturizing shea butter, cocoa butter and castor oil and ground oatmeal are added. A little bit of beeswax helps it stay hard and honey and honey fragrance is added to give it just the right touch.

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Original Pure Soap - $4.50 Buy Now
origpure.jpg (5013 bytes)
Our basic no frills soap. Available in cast bar form for those who eschew the frou-frou of other soap recipes. The oil base is a combination of coconut, palm and olive, to which we add vegetable shortening (as a substitute for animal tallow) for a soap that is pure as the driven snow. No fragrances added to this soap.

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leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Purely Herbal Soap - $4.50 Buy Now
Want a clean, fresh-smelling soap? Great for women or men. Contains saponified coconut, palm, olive and soybean oils with herbal fragrance oil and silk fibers for a refreshing bathing experience every time you use it.

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Vanilla Creme - $4.50 Buy Now
vcreme.jpg (45824 bytes)
If you've ever been threatened with having your mouth washed out with soap, this is the soap to choose! Using our creamy original soap recipe, we add two varieties of vanilla for a soap that smells like a vanilla milkshake and looks like a rich chocolate bar. You won't know whether to wash with it or eat it. Our choice -- wash with it. It doesn't taste as good as it smells. Don't ask...

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Special Use Soaps

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Gardener's Delight Soap - $4.50 Buy Now
What could be better after an afternoon gardening, than a soothing scrub for your hands? Contains saponified olive, palm, coconut, and sunflower oils, cocoa butter, and avocado and sweet almond oils, pumice to help get rid of the dirt stains, ground spearmint and a blend of six different essential oils including lavender and tea tree.

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Only in the Kitchen Soap - $4.50 Buy Now
kitchen.jpg (16547 bytes) kchnsngl.jpg
This soap is designed to be used at the kitchen sink to rid your hands of those garlic, onion, fish, and other odors associated with cooking. Who would believe cold coffee could have a use? This soap combines coffee, saponified coconut, olive, vegetable, hydrogenated soy oils and ground coffee--for a slight scrubby effect--sure to get rid of that onion smell.

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes)Peppermint Loofa "Foot Scrubbie" Soap - $4.50 Buy Now
Soothe the tootsies with this relaxing loofah scrubby. Contains saponfied olive, coconut, palm, soybean and castor oils with a blend of peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils and a smidge of ground peppermint leaves all in their own little scrubby. Perfect for the end of the day. Follow-up with some of our minty foot cream for a truly pampered set of feet.

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Soaps for Him

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes)Pineberry Soap - $4.50 Buy Now
Looking for a clean, fresh pine scent? Our pineberry soap just might be the ticket. Made from saponified olive, coconut, palm and soybean oils with castor oil for bubbles, and a swirl of chromium oxide and fragrance for style.

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leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Shaving Soap with Mug & Brush - $8.00 Buy Now
shave1.jpg (12045 bytes)
Cast in a ceramic mug (style may vary) with a sturdy handle, our shaving soap is specially formulated to glide smoothly onto your face. The brush provides a gentle lather that moisturizes and softens before applying the razor. Scented to match our popular What Fir? men's soap above. Other scents available upon request.

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Special Soap Shapes

lguest1.jpg (8313 bytes)
(Sample designs pictured here.)
We are also pleased to offer 'fancy' guest soaps in all our favorite scents. Please allow three weeks when ordering these shapes. Shapes include:
seashore-related (starfish, clams, sea horses, etc.)
cartoon characters

Other shapes available by special order. Please contact us with any questions.

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