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New Soaps

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Apricot Freesia - $4.50 Buy Now
This bar is just loaded with good things for your nose & skin--starting with the fragrance. Contains saponified olive, coconut and palm oils, cocoa and shea butters, castor oil, and to put it just over the top in richness for your skin, a dab of emu oil. Also contains fragrance.

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Fuzzy Peach - $4.50 Buy Now
Yum, yum. With this soap you can almost taste the fresh peach and feel the juice running down your chin! Contains saponified olive, palm, coconut, sweet almond and castor oils, a pinch of silk to add luxury to those bubbles and a blend of peach fragrance oils. The perfect summer soap!

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Ginger Lime - $4.50 Buy Now
This bar is just loaded with good things for your nose & skin--starting with the fragrance--nice and clean and tangy. Contains saponified olive, coconut and palm oils, cocoa and shea butters, castor oil, beeswax and fragrance.

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Summer Luvin' (Patchouli) - $4.50 Buy Now
Remind you of the good old days?! In addition to smelling good, patchouli essential oil has been found to help tighten the pores and combat oily skin. Contains saponified olive, coconut, palm and castor oils and for extra moisturizing, shea butter and deodorized cocoa butter were added. A little bit of beeswax hardens the bar and patchouli essential oil is added to send you on your way to those good old days.

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Liquid Soaps and Shower Gels

So you like liquid soaps and shower gels better than bar soap? Not a problem! We now make them both ourselves--in small batches, adjusted to give you just the right moisturizing. As with our bar soaps, these are all home-made, using the best natural ingredients we can find. They contain no preservatives--they work in the shower or at the sink. And, best of all, you can get them in your favorite bar soap fragrance!
leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Moisture Rich Shower Gel - 6 oz. squeeze tube - $7.00 or 1.25 oz. travel tube - $2.50
Just squeeze a little onto your favorite bath pouf and watch the lather on your skin! Leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. Contains distilled water, coconut oil, olive oil, potassium hydroxide, jojoba, cocoa butter and fragrance.
Moisture Rich Shower Gel, 1.5 oz. travel tube Price: $2.50
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Moisture Rich Shower Gel, 6 oz. squeeze tube Price: $7.00
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leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Extra Hand Liquid Soap - 8 oz. pump bottle - $5.00
Don't like bar soap at the sink? Add our newest product to another place in your bathroom. Our extra hand soap comes with a convenient pump so there's no muss, no fuss, just depress and there's your soap. As with all of our products, it was lovingly tested on willing family and friends...some of whom insist it works great in the shower as a shampoo--you know who you are! Comes in a clear bottle to match all decors. Contains coconut oil, distilled water, potassium hydroxide, castor oil, glycerin and fragrance.
Extra Hand Liquid Soap, 8 oz. pump bottle Price: $5.00
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Silky Solutions Lotion

leafbut.gif (2533 bytes) Silky Solutions Lotion - 4 oz. bottle - $8.00 or
1.25 oz. purse size - $2.25

The ultimate in luxury--silk! This lotion goes on silky and leaves you wonderfully smooth and moisturized. Packaged in a beautiful blue cobalt bottle for the larger size or a cute little clear bottle with a blue bubble top for the purse size. Contains distilled water, jojoba, avocado oil, emulsifying wax, fractionated coconut oil, glycerin, stearic acid, citric acid, germall (a preservative), silk amino acids and fragrance.
Silky Solutions Lotion, 1.25 oz. purse size bottle
Price: $2.25

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Silky Solutions Lotion, 4 oz. bottle Price: $8.00
Select your scent:
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